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The Swinger movement and adultery
It is time to take off the mask. Let’s be honest, for a long time, there has been infidelity within marriage or relationship.

No matter what religion, morality or “derent” customs from whatever period of all times say, the truth is that commonly in a relationship, married or not, one of its members, at one point decides to look for something that will satisfy a natural desire which has been considered as sinful or inconvenient. For many reasons (i.e. incompatibility), this desire can not be found in the partner. This part used to be much more certain in men,although nowadays women do not stay behind.

Adultery has been portrait in comedies, drama, tragedies and even in war (read Illiad) but right at the beginning of a new millennium, where an amazing progress is taking placein all aspects of human life, are we not going to discuss this fact?

Puritans and moralists defend the traditional concept of being faithful – although some would be viewed by others to believe it in a hypocritical way – as if they where talking about a property right. The “lored” one is like someone else that cannot be shared or the
On the other hand, if two human beings decide to promise total and absolute faith devotion to one another. Nobody can deny that this act is something admirable and plausible. Also always taking into consideration that this faithfulness comes out of a total act of freedom.

However, reality is another. In our society the young people are obligated to exchange life vowes at the time of their wedding, in an age in which most of ideas and notions are not totally reaffirmed, not to mention, chosen. They are most likely linked toeducation, customs and social pressure.

However, people change with the years and with life, and what we will be thinking in the future will not be exactly what we think now.

So, what can we do with a compromise that can end up being a tedious and heavy weight? That’s when a lot of people ends up with an option who themselves have define as immoral: adultery cheating on their partner.

At this point, is when the swinger movement appears, the movement in the sexual behaviour’s expansion in between couples. Because of these natural consequences of adopting a different moral and a different life style is the end of infidelity. And, therefore,
it ends adultery too.

It can maybe sound rare, but true swingers hate adultery. To adultery is changing nature in an illegitimate and unilateral way. There are many sacred agreements like friendship, fatherhood or motherhood and, obviously, marriage. When on of the members of a couple says: “I’ll be faithful, I won’t have carnal contact with anyone but you”, falls in adultery. And all this does not only imply the couple’s sexual aspect, it is also an agreement when deciding of doing something such as dancing or going to the cinema
with another person. But what happens when this agreement is revised and the two of them reach a new agreement in which they respect the true nature of the other, without deceits?


One man’s poison is another man’s treasure. Where some people only find reasons for tragedies, broken marriages and unending suffering, others find reasons for mutual pleasure and more union in between the couple.

A swinger is somebody who enjoys his/her freedom, with a total respect for the other, starting with its own partner.

The morality has to be present in heart and mind. Therefore, the swinger movement has to accept the natural tendencies of every human being without taking ethics fully into account.

When a couple freely talks to each other about their preferences, worries and sexual fantasies is when a total empathy takes place. Consequently, this is when unfaithfulness ends.


We all have different tastes and appetites in relation to a lot of things, so the same happens with sex. Many times we connect with our partner in most aspects of life, but sometimes we differ and show different preferences.

Apart from that, there is another fact in a relationship that we have to take into consideration: boredom.

Because we like something and we can have it at any time we finally get bored of it and want to find something new. But this does not mean that we reject or do not like our partner.

And that is why the most reasonable thing is to talk to one another and reach and agreement.

In a relationship an agreement has to exist and be respected by its members. And this happens when whatever sexual encounters includes both members of the relation. It is part of an agreement, of a love commitment, of acceptation and of full understanding.

There is also the curiosity for something new and different. At the end of the day, human beings are explorers by nature. And some people like to experiment more than others. Most of the time, what is different, exciting and unexpected is the best recipe to fight

So when you explore and expand the borders of sexuality with the acceptance of the other person the unfaithfulness loses its importance and it becomes unnecessary.

Unfaithfulness will be replaced by a total acceptation of our partner and by that time we will be able to find out the couple’s happiness.

To destroy the morality of hypocrisy and deceit, it is necessary to destroy jealousy. Many people admit that jealousy is a direct consequence of insecurity, but it has been really difficult to get over with this low and sick passion.

When the search for one’s own pleasure is based on the search of the loved one’s pleasure, there is no place for jealousy. Because that is the most clear sign of an egoism which is not capable of putting the well-being of the loved one in the first place. The love for one’s self is much biffer than for the other person. And that is no true love.


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